5 Ways To Get That 5-star Hotel Feeling At Home

There’s just something about stepping into a luxury hotel that makes you feel relaxed and decadent at the same time. While some of us are spending more time at home than usual, why not recreate that 5-star feeling at home?

Here are 5 simple ways to do just that.

1. Choose white linen

White Linen

Almost all high-end hotels dress their beds in white linen, from duvet to spotless white sheets. But why white? It exudes a modern coolness and creates a calming focal point for your room that’s almost spa-like. However, make sure that the rest of your room isn’t too cold or stark. Warm accents around the bedroom can keep the space luxurious and cosy.

2. Make your bed like a pro!

There is no better feeling than getting into a firm and crisply made bed every night. So here are 2 hotelier secrets so you can make your bed like a pro!

Triple sheeting

It involves layering your duvet between two starched sheets. This technique does not only create that crisp and clean feeling, it also gives you that 5-star hotel bed feeling !


The hospital fold

The hospital corner ‘look’ is essentially a beautiful crisp line that runs horizontally down the corner of your mattress. This technique is used to fold bedsheets in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and difficult to kick off during the night. The hospital fold does require some practice but once you know how it’s done, you’ll never look back.

2. Treat yourself to a little luxury

Treat yourself to a little luxury

It’s not the expensive bedding or the stylish décor that make a five-star hotel so luxurious…. it’s the little details and the attention to tiny touches which will make you feel pampered.

Buy fresh & in-season flowers

No need to splurge on elaborate bouquets; just a small arrangement of

in-season flowers can work wonders for your space, lift your spirits and add life to your bed or bathroom.

Scented candles

Beautiful scents can make a room feel fresh and luxurious from the moment you enter. Use a gorgeous room spray or your favourite scented candle.

Glass & carafe of water

Leave a glass and a water carafe on your bedside table. To add a little extra, you can always add some orange or cucumber slices. It doesn’t only flavour the water, it looks beautiful as well!

Plush bathrobe & slippers

Robes and slippers are essential! Freshly launder your fluffiest robe and either hang it by the bed, or drape it across your bed. Arrange your slippers underneath ready to get cosy and comfortable.


Pick florals with a gentle scent like garden roses, peonies or hyacinth. Add a tiny drop of bleach in the water to kill any smelly bacteria. – Maureen, Executive Housekeeper

3. Remove the clutter

Remove Clutter

Take away any clutter and keep the essentials. To create that lean yet comfy feel of a 5-star hotel, you have to embrace minimalism. That doesn’t mean you need to rid your bedroom of everything with sentimental value, but it may be time to part with the stray trinkets.

4. Create your own turn-down ritual

 Turndown Ritual

While you may not have a turn-down service available at home, you can recreate the experience by turning down the lights before going to bed, listening to some soothing music, pulling back the sheets or spraying some lavender scent on your pillows; making bedtime feel special.

5. Breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed

Why not organise breakfast in bed on Sunday mornings to change things up? We all deserve to treat ourselves so get comfy, make yourself a decadent breakfast and listen to some jazzy tunes to complete the experience.

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