Behind the scenes of a quarantine hotel - Part 2

Last week we posted our blog 'Behind the scenes of a quarantine hotel' to give you some insight into what it's like working and staying at a quarantine hotel. This time we want to share with you what our quarantine guests have to say about us. 




We knew our guests had not chosen to stay with us, more a matter of necessity, we struggled to find a way to continue to show our ‘Yes I Can!’ spirit while limited by the necessary restrictions.  A hotel that was full, still felt empty with public areas devoid of people, and a lack of human interaction.   

Before long however, we realised that our efforts, although unseen were not unnoticed, as we began to receive beautiful drawings, notes and letters from guests thanking us for the meals and services provided, and showing us their gratitude.  A simple call of ‘thank you!’ from behind a closed door as a meal was delivered, made a difference to us every day, and seeing the creative pieces of art, letters of thanks and offers to keep in touch on social media, always brought a smile to our faces (albeit, behind our masks!).
From each and every member of Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney team we would like to say a big THANK YOU to the guests who have stayed with us this past year, your sacrifice in isolating has helped to keep our country safe, and we have appreciated every word of thanks, every drawing, letter and smiley face left out for us each day, although unseen you have made all the difference to us. 
We would like to share with you some of the letters of appreciation received over past months, which have meant so much to us during this challenging time.