How can helping others, help ourselves too?

Now is a difficult time for many across our nation, as our lives have been pushed off-kilter by a once in a lifetime global crisis.  It is not something anyone could have been prepared for, and we all have struggles, big and small, that we are trying to deal with.   Now more than ever we need to make a special effort to focus on the positives in our lives, and simple steps can help towards the health and wellbeing of ourselves and our loved ones too.

Why not take this time to reach out and reconnect with old school friends, join a local community group on Facebook, or set an exercise goal with a friend?  Although we are isolated we don’t have to be alone, and even a small act can make a big difference in someone’s life.  During this time we can step back and appreciate the outdoors, our local area’s, and cherish family time, which can sometimes get lost in the hustle and bustle of normal life.  Some other ways to help deal with stress and worry can be journaling, meditation, and setting small goals to achieve throughout the day. 

Donating time, money, or raising awareness for a good cause can actually make you happier, and its why it feels so good to help others!  To keep up our spirits, promote camaraderie among staff and keep positive, the team at Radisson Blu have made sure to set aside some time to continue our focus on Responsible Business, even during such challenging times.  

These are some of the charities and initiatives we have participated in throughout 2021, and it has definitely helped to boost our moods and stay positive!

1. Port Macquarie Koala Hospital:  Team Radisson have adopted 9 Koalas and 1 tree in 2021 

2. International Women’s Day: Celebrating achievements of women, promoting gender equality and raising awareness against bias  

3. Earth hour #switch for nature: Celebrating that our hotels energy is sourced from solar and wind power 

4. Australian Red Cross Lifeblood:  So far this year, we have saved 87 lives through blood donations!  

5. International Nurses Day: Now more than ever is the perfect time to show our appreciation to the all important job Nurses do

6. RSPCA Cupcake Day: Cupcake fundraiser to support the RSPCA and the over 124,000 animals they help each year 

Some other amazing initiatives we have taken part in or are coming up soon:
I Can Quit to support those wishing to quit smoking, Astha volunteering and food drive collection for homeless in Sydney, Phone Cycle – recycling devices no longer needed, R U Ok Day – Learning how to ask our friends and colleagues are they really ok during this challenging time, Unicef - Foreign coin donations to help children in need around the world and Movember – Changing the face of men’s health. 

What are you waiting for.... help someone, and help yourself today! 

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