Mental Wellness

A mindfulness practice helping you to slow down and come into a greater awareness of your body, bringing your attention to the present and creating a balance of body and mind. Escape your busy life and active thoughts.


In this exercise the aim is to achieve a sense of balance. A balance of body and mind.


In this recording we will be creating a way to access good positive feelings on demand so that any time you need a boost of positive feelings you will be able to access those feelings easily.


In this exercise we will be focusing on consciously breathing with a longer exhale than inhale for the purpose of quickly and effectively accessing deep relaxation.


Research has shown that the tool of visualisation can significantly improve performance and success. Therefore, in this recording, you will be guided to imagine yourself achieving a goal and visualising its successful completion.

Physical Wellness

A blend of high-intensity, therapeutic, corrective and relaxation exercises to realign your body and mind, rectify the strains of your daily routine and recover from the stress and strain of a busy lifestyle.